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Google has developed a site called Knol that has hundreds of thousands of pages written by authors in any kind of category imaginable. There has been discussion by knol authors on developing a KnolLibrary to find categories easier. We are looking for and trying to develop an identification and organization plan that will lay the foundation for what will become the world's largest and best Internet content library. Several different knol authors are working to develop an idea on how to reach the goal to convince Internet visitors and Google that Knol is the largest and best organized Internet multi-purpose library, just as Wikipedia is the largest and best Internet encyclopedia. One idea may become the best option or there may be a combination our of ideas on or off the Knol Platform to make it a success.
Animals Foreign Languages Korean Science
Archeology French Latin Science Fairs
Astronomy Future Planning and Careers Law Scientists
Biology Geology Listening Speaking
Book Reviews Geography Literature Sociology
Chats and Forums Living Things Spanish
Chemistry German Math Style
Chinese Government and Politics Measurement Social Studies
Class Pages Grammar News Technology
Computers Health Oceanography The Earth
English Higher Education Philosophy TV Shows
Environment History Physchology Weather
Essays Home schooling Physics
Experiments Italian Punctuation
Economics Japanese Reading
Farming Journalism Russian

Movies, Television, Music

Video Games, RPGs, Gambling

Kids and Teens
Arts, School Time, Teen Life

Maps, Education, Libraries

Clothing, Food, Gifts

Jobs, Real Estate, Investing

Fitness, Medicine, Alternative

Media, Newspapers, Weather

US, Canada, UK, Europe

People, Religion, Issues

Internet, Software, Hardware

Family, Consumers, Cooking

Travel, Food, Outdoors, Humor

Biology, Psychology, Physics

Baseball, Soccer, Basketball


The Knol Library Foundation patterned after DMOZ is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Google or DMOZ.

The reason this Library is called Knol Library Foundation does not mean it will be set up as an non-profit organization. This may turn into a non-profit foundation at some point in time, or may just carry the name of a Foundation without being a profit or non-profit organization.See Google's For-Profit Foundation to see how a for profit foundation is run.

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