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KnolLibrary News: KnolLibrary, a Knol Author Community Project to Create the World's Best and Largest Internet Content LibraryAll Knol authors are invited to participate

The KnolLibrary project goal is to identify and organize the best Knol Platform knols according to a KnolLibrary author community developed identification and organization plan that will lay the foundation for what will become the world's largest and best Internet content library. The KnolLibrary intent is to include as many of the best Knol Platform authors in its governance structure and as many of the best Knol Platform knols collections as possible and exclusion decisions are not to be based on knol content and/or ideas, but instead on specified KnolLibrary exclusion policies (see KnolLibrary Governance and Policies on KnolLibrary website). During the KnolLibrary author and knol identification and organization process KnolLibrary will make use of web pages available at Google Sites formatted using the "Filing Cabinet" template available under "Create a Page" (which is accessed after a website has been created). Once KnolLibrary collections have been identified and organized KnolLibrary will seek to change formats on its Category Levels 1 and 2 (and perhaps other level) entrance pages, for the purpose of creating what may become major Knol Site entry portals.

Alexandre Ablotia

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