KnolLibrary Governance and Policies

Files contained on this page are intended to provide a minimal KnolLibrary structure and organization plan. As KnolLibrary evolves (assuming KnolLibrary evolves) the KnolLibrary structure and organization plan will need to be fleshed out by Knol platform knol authors who apply for and are accepted into KnolLibrary governance positions.

KnolLibrary at this time is simply a plan to organize all interested Knol platform authors into a KnolLibrary author community to construct a knol classification structure and which will sort through and organize as many existing knols as possible so those knols can be accessed by category from a single home page. The KnolLibrary goal is to convince Internet visitors and Google that Knol is the largest and best organized Internet multi-purpose library, just as Wikipedia is the largest and best Internet encyclopedia. KnolLibrary will only succeed if large numbers of Knol Platform authors participate.

At this time tis KnolLibrary is being managed by a group of Knol Platform authors With Eric Clausen as the administrator, all KnolLibrary decisions are being made by him. KnolLibrary administrative positions are intended to gradually be filled by other Knol Platform authors as those other authors contribute to the KnolLibrary category classification structure and begin to organize and submit KnolLibrary knols and knol collections using Google Knol.

The first step in applying for a KnolLIbrary position on this site is to join the site. The second step is to organize your own knol portfolio in the categories listed on the following web pages. If your knol portfolio is small organize portfolios for other authors who have written knols related to the same categories as the categories of the knols you have written. Then study the KnolLbrary listing of categories to determine which categories are best suited for.

KnolLibrary governance positions open at this time are listed in a labeled folder below. Files in that folder describe each of the open positions, qualifications desired, and how an interested author can apply. To participate in a KnolLibrary governance position the author must be fully identified on the Knol platform and must have written and published knols related to the category for which the governance position is responsible. Acceptance into a KnolLibrary governance position is not automatic.

Before an author will be accepted into a KnolLibrary governance position the author will need to subdivide a KnolLibrary category into 8-12 subcategories and present an organized collection of knols related to at least one of those subcategories on well organized Google Sites filing cabinet web pages (such as those used in this KnolLibrary web site). The author will also need to publish a public discussion knol inviting submissions and participation from all Knol platform authors who have published knols related to the organized knol collection the author submits.

As KnolLibrary gradually fills governance positions related to its Level 1 Categories governance positions, numerous additional KnolLibrary Level 2 and 3 Category governance positions will gradually open up. And as the Level 2 and 3 Category governance positions gradually are filled much larger numbers of Level 4, 5, and 6 Category governance positions will open up. There is a place in the KnolLibrary governance structure for all interested Knol Platform authors. At the same time, knol authors do not need participate in the KnolLibrary governance to have their knols listed in the KnolLibrary collections.

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