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Google has developed a site called Knol that has hundreds of thousands of pages written by authors in any kind of category imaginable. There has been discussion by knol authors on developing a KnolLibrary to find categories easier. We are looking for and trying to develop an identification and organization plan that will lay the foundation for what will become the world's largest and best Internet content library. Several different knol authors are working to develop an idea on how to reach the goal to convince Internet visitors and Google that Knol is the largest and best organized Internet multi-purpose library, just as Wikipedia is the largest and best Internet encyclopedia.

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Knol authors are shaping collections that are beginning to fill a giant new Knol Library "building" Google has constructed. Knol Library collections have the potential to become an immense academic research and public library serving many different unique and diverse audiences. To achieve that goal Knol authors need to help Google configure the Knol Library to become a linked series of specialized academic discipline libraries along with a large public library for general audiences. By doing so Knol authors and Google can better attract new Knol authors, including academic research community members, and also develop policies to better evaluate and "shelve" inappropriate and spam knols. From a knol by Eric Clausen

The main groups of authors who have formed organizations since Knol started are listed here. If you have a Knol Platform group that you would like listed please contact me.

1. Knol Author Foundation - Bringing authors of the world together. Become a member of the foundation. and participate in the collective activities for the growth of knol platform. This is the main page of our foundation. If interested in a different language chapter there are chapters in 60 languages. If able to translate into other languages we could use talented authors in our Foundation. Established: January 9, 2009

2. Internet Medical Publishing - Medicine & Healthcare. The Collaborative Books Project.
The CollaBooks are collections of knols integrated within a book. This is the homepage for the Medicine & Healthcare Series. You can participate as an editor, an author or a reviewer. Established: May 4, 2009

3. Public Library of Science (PLoS) Currents: Influenza - The continuing public health burden due to influenza highlights the need for the rapid exchange of scientific results and ideas. PLoS Currents: Influenza aims to enable this exchange by providing an open-access online resource for immediate, open communication and discussion of new scientific data, analyses, and ideas in the field of influenza. All content is reviewed by a group of expert researchers. Established: May 28, 2009

4. Knol Publishing Guild - (KPG) exists to serve the publishing aspirations of writers. Read I am KPG to learn who we are. We understand that publishing on a 21st century platform like Knol can be daunting. This is why we provide emergency help at Knol-Help 911 and have assembled a collection of Knols designed to help you master this platform in the shortest possible time with our Knol-Help Book. Established: February 26, 2010

The Knol Library Foundation patterned after DMOZ is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Google or DMOZ.

The reason this Library is called Knol Library Foundation does not mean it will be set up as an non-profit organization. This may turn into a non-profit foundation at some point in time, or may just carry the name of a Foundationwithout being a profit or non-profit organization.See Google's For-Profit Foundation to see how a for profit foundation is run.

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